The Sales Partnership Program at Jet Capital

Watch as Allan Thompson, COO at Jet Capital explains how the sales partnership program at Jet Capital can help sales and business partners earn competitive incentives for referring customers or business associates in need of fast, flexible funding solutions to Jet Capital.
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Video Transcription

Jet Capital actually has three different partner programs right now.

We have a partner program for sales agents, which are more commonly known as independent sales organizations, or ISO’s, or brokers, and typically, these are companies that are helping small businesses obtain financing, and acting on their behalf to obtain financing.

Then we have a referral partner program. Referral partners are going to be businesses that have a very high touch to small businesses – either through the products and services they offer, as consulting firms, as service providers, or as suppliers. They typically are going to have a good idea when a small business has a need for working capital.

Whether it's to assist them in something that they're trying to do with the small business, or as the business is trying to grow, they're more intimately aware of their small business partners. The referral program allows them to refer a small business to us for financing if necessary.

And then the last program we have is kind of an alliance partner program and this is very similar to the referral partners, except the difference is in this case, they're not referring business to us but they are helping us build out the Jet Hub.

The Jet Hub is really for our business alliance partners and what it's designed to do is create a place on the web for small businesses to come to Jet Capital for other resources they need to be successful.

So for example if a business needs help with their tax accounting, legal services, need human resources, or maybe they need to set up for merchant processing. They can use the Jet Hub to connect with those types of partners that are partnering with Jet Capital to provide those services and more easily obtain references to and access to those types of services to serve their business needs.

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