Merchant Cash Advances vs. Small Business Loans

By: Allan Thompson | Chief Operating Officer

Running a business is often a balancing act between revenue and costs. Jet Capital understands that there are times when unexpected expenses can jeopardize success by challenging this balance. The team at Jet Capital is made up of experienced entrepreneurs working to provide funding products that benefit small businesses.

Jet Capital offers small businesses merchant advance funding. Merchant cash advances are a relatively new financial product, designed to meet the needs of merchants who need working capital very quickly. Merchant advance funding works quite differently than a traditional small business loan, so it is important for business owners to understand the difference when they are looking at funding options.

A merchant advance from Jet Capital is a simple, flexible alternative to a traditional business loan. You sell a small portion of your future revenue (sales) to us at a discount and we deposit funds into your account, typically as soon as the next business day.*

Merchant advance funding differs from traditional loans in several ways, including how funding is decided. The advantages of a merchant cash advance from Jet Capital are speed, flexibility, and partnership.

Speed of Funding

Jet Capital understands that sometimes business needs require working capital immediately. When a business does not have the luxury of time, a merchant cash advance can be a useful tool for obtaining funding.

Jet Capital uses the latest technology to look at the big picture of your business. Jet Capital looks at your business revenue and a number of other factors as well as your credit score, so funding decisions can be made quickly. Our online application is designed to be fast and simple. We can usually make an initial decision within minutes of receiving an application.

Instead of waiting for weeks for funding, a merchant cash advance from Jet Capital can get working capital to business owners in just a few days, depending upon how quickly we receive your documents. A merchant cash advance is an option for small businesses when getting cash quickly is a priority.

Flexibility of Remittances

While traditional loans usually have a rigid payment schedule, merchant advance funding remittances are more flexible. Remittances are based upon a percentage of your daily sales. Daily debits are automatically withdrawn from your account until the advance is paid back. This flexibility is designed to work with your business.

Furthermore, there is no penalty for paying off your advance early. Jet Capital understands that managing costs is important to your business. In fact, after establishing good remittance history, customers may be eligible for larger advances at a lower cost!

Jet Capital is for Small Business

Jet Capital provides funding for small businesses in a variety of industries, including restaurants, salons and spas, retail stores, medical practices, and transportation and trucking. Our background in small business means that we understand that business needs for every small business are unique and sometimes do not line up with revenue.

When a small business needs fast, on-demand working capital, Jet Capital is here to help. While a bank issuing a small business loan might look only at your credit score, we take a closer look based upon your revenue and business track record. Jet Capital wants your business to succeed.  Our expertise in small business makes us a partner in keeping your business growing.

To learn more about merchant cash advance funding, contact us today!

*Assumes same-day application, submission and verification of underwriting documentation, and initiation of wire transfer before 5 p.m. Eastern Time. Upon receipt of underwriting documents and final approval, Jet Capital initiates a wire transfer which, subject to your financial institution’s processing policies, could be available as early as the following business banking day.

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