Know Your Options: Jet Capital Brings New Funding Tools to Small Business

By: Allan Thompson | Chief Operating Officer

Between stocking inventory, paying utility bills, hiring a great team and providing competitive compensation, the list of expenses for small business owners can be daunting. Throw in an emergency like broken equipment or a spike in prices, and even the most carefully planned budget is challenged. Entrepreneurs also need to know their financing options and the tools available to help manage cash flow. Luckily, there are new small business funding solutions that allow business owners to get working capital quickly to keep their business on track.

Jet Capital offers new funding tools that offer business owners speed and flexibility in funding. We offer businesses a variety of funding options that expand their financial toolbox and provide useful business funding solutions.

Jet Capital Merchant Cash Advance Funding

Our merchant advances offer businesses funding up to $100,000 in a short time frame, usually just a few days. Sometimes businesses need funding to react to an emergency or take advantage of an opportunity quickly. Our merchant cash advances allow businesses to get funds very rapidly, as opposed to a traditional small business loan which may take weeks or months to process.

Merchant advances are a fairly new financial product. In a marketplace where small businesses often need funds quickly, merchant advances are meeting a demand that is often impossible for a traditional business loan to fill. With a merchant advance, a business owner is selling a percentage of future sales at a discount. Jet Capital works with merchants to tailor a remittance schedule that suits their business and there is no penalty for paying ahead of schedule. The flexibility of a merchant cash advance works with the fluidity of your business since remittances are based on a percentage of your daily revenues.

Our online application and approval process means businesses get the working capital they need very quickly, so operations can keep moving forward.

Boost Merchant Cash Advance (Boost MCA)

For newer businesses, Jet Capital has launched Boost MCA, a new product that is a variation on our core merchant cash advance funding. We understand that the first year or two of starting a business are fraught with unexpected expenses and sometimes stressful surprises. This funding tool is useful for overcoming those initial start-up obstacles when a business just needs a financial “boost”.

The Jet Capital Boost MCA is designed for small businesses that have been operating for at least three months with monthly revenue of $5,000 or more. Small businesses could be eligible to receive  funding from $2,500-$5,000 as soon as the same day they submit their application.*

Pre-Fund Merchant Cash Advance Program

For more established businesses, Jet Capital offers extremely fast funding through our Pre-Fund Merchant Cash Advance program. For well-qualified businesses, the Pre-Fund program accelerates funding so your business could receive up to 20% of your approved cash advance, up to a maximum of $10,000, on the same day you submit your application.*

Your business may qualify for the Pre-Fund Program from Jet Capital if you have been operating for two or more years and average at least $10,000 in monthly sales. For established businesses, this program gives you the ability to get cash even faster than banks or other alternatives.

At Jet Capital, we understand that the financial landscape offers business owners a wide variety of tools to fund their operations. Unlike small business loans, our merchant advances can get working capital to your business within just a few days and there is never a fee for prepayment. Our merchant cash advance products are flexible and tailored to work with your unique business needs.

If you are interested in exploring the new funding tools we can provide to your business, apply today at localhost/JC or give us a call at 866-845-9674.

*Same day funding up to $5,000 is available for Boost MCA customers, and for well-qualified customers, 20% of conditionally approved advance amount (Net Deposit) up to $10,000 is available through the Pre-Fund Program. For Boost MCA and Pre-Fund Program customers, assumes same-day application, initial approval, submission and verification of certain underwriting documentation and Jet Capital initiation of wire transfer before 5 p.m. Eastern Time, which, subject to your financial institution’s processing policies, could be available the same business banking day. For Core MCA customers, upon receipt of additional underwriting documents and final approval, Jet Capital initiates a wire transfer for the final approved amount (Net Deposit) less any advance received in the Pre-Fund Program, which could be available as early as the following business banking day.

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