Enjoy the Season! Tips to Help Business Owners Manage Holiday Stress

By: Mike Kriesman | Chief Technology Officer

It’s showtime! The holiday rush and the end of the year business requirements can be overwhelming for business owners. The last few weeks of the year are demanding and relentless as volume increases. The driving pressure to maximize the season is real as you strive to end the year with the best sales and profits.

But as tempting as it may be to throw yourself into the business around the clock during the holidays, you must marshal your resources and monitor your personal health and well-being. Your business needs you to survive the holidays with a little energy left over to start the New Year!

Business owners feel a unique burden at the end of the year. A few smart strategies to manage stress can make the difference between feeling like a Grinch and an enjoyable holiday season.

Acknowledge the End of Year and Holiday Stress

Before you are blindsided by the fast pace of the end of the year, take a deep breath and say hello to the busy season. Once you are mindful of the reality ahead, you can make a plan for managing your time and work. Furthermore, you can reframe the ‘stress’ as ‘success’. It is a sign of your hard work paying off.

Accept that life will be busier through the holidays and embrace the energy of the season. Keep an attitude that embraces the increase in business and relates it to your efforts in a positive way.

Be Realistic about Your Limits

More than anyone else, a business owner feels what is at stake in their business. This can be especially true when they are feeling holiday stress and everyone else is having a party. Feeling totally responsible for every aspect of your company is natural, but it can lead to burnout as you set unrealistic expectations for yourself.

You can not be ‘on’ 24 or even 20 hours a day. Consider giving yourself a hard stop time for each workday if possible. If you need to be around for a late close and an early open, consider scheduling a ‘meeting’ each day for a nap or quiet break. Getting enough sleep is necessary for your long-term well being. You must take care of yourself so you can take care of your business.

Business owners, their families, and their staff will all be affected by the longer hours the end of the year demands. Communicate clearly with your family, your friends, and your team at work that you have more to do than usual. Let them know that you value them, but you might not be able to answer every request. It can be difficult to miss family events or to put a friend’s request on hold, but your loved ones will understand your time is limited if you let them know in advance you are busier than usual.

Make the most of the team members you trust. When you can delegate responsibility, do so. After all, your team is there to help you conquer the season and get business done.

To make it through the end of the year, pace yourself like a marathoner. The sometimes frantic pace of the holidays can make it feel like a sprint, but the time between Thanksgiving through clean up after the New Year is about seven weeks. Not even the best of us can sprint for seven weeks.

Make Time for Yourself and a Little Fun

You might not have lots of spare time for the next few weeks, but it is worth making an effort to enjoy some of the fun of the season. Business owners run the risk of getting so booked over the holidays that they miss out on all of the festivities. Part of the reason you are a business owner is so you can control your schedule and work/life balance, so don’t feel guilty when you can join the merriment.

When feasible, take a break for something you enjoy. You might not have time for a full day of golf, but maybe an hour at the putting range is possible. You might not be able to spend all weekend with your family, but make sure you get a half day to recharge with your loved ones. Consider these breaks as important ways to recharge your battery. They will help you keep going at work.

If you find yourself feeling a little like Scrooge, remember three things that are going well. Some experts recommend keeping a gratitude journal and recording a few things you are thankful for each night before bed. Focusing on the positive builds awareness of how the busy season is helping your business and success grow.

And again, sleep when you can and remember to eat well. Taking care of your body is an important part of taking care of your business. Staying healthy is a vital way to manage stress.

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We wish you the best for a successful holiday season!

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