Business Loan Alternatives to Save Your Cash Flow Resolutions in 2017

By: Kenneth Wardle | Chief Executive Officer

Business owners often feel their financial planning is challenged by real world, day-to-day ups and downs. At Jet Capital, we understand one of the of the hurdles to efficient cash flow management is often the time consuming process of applying for a small business loan and waiting on funding. Fortunately, our new business solutions like merchant cash advances are fast, flexible business loan alternatives, giving businesses another way to keep operations growing and moving forward.

If one of your business resolutions for 2017 is to improve cash flow management, understanding the alternatives to a traditional business loan may be the way to meet your goal.

Merchant Advances Are Business Loan Alternatives

A merchant cash advance differs from a traditional business loan in several ways. First, a merchant cash advance is the sale of a percentage of future revenue. Merchants receive their funding minus origination fees in just a few days. This lending model allows Jet Capital to work with merchants to design a percentage-based remittance schedule that works for each unique business. A merchant cash advance can be used to cover any business expense.

Unlike many business loans, there is never a penalty or fee for repaying a Jet Capital merchant cash advance ahead of schedule. Furthermore, as your business works with Jet Capital, we reward our clients with a good payment history. With a strong track record, your business may be eligible for larger advances at lower rates.

Is a Business Loan Too Slow?

There are times when a business owner needs cash quickly and a traditional loan is just too slow. Cash flow can be thrown totally out of balance in the face of a situation that must be solved immediately. Consider the following:

  • An important piece of equipment breaks
  • Prices for fuel or inventory jump
  • A team needs to grow right away to meet demand
  • Smart strategy requires a well-timed marketing push

Waiting around for months for a small business loan may not be an option. That’s when a merchant cash advance could be the perfect solution.

A merchant cash advance can get funding to a business within days. Jet Capital’s online application is easy to complete and an initial funding decision is made within minutes. Once a business submits their documentation and e-signature through our secure portal, funds arrive to your business bank account via electronic wire within a day or two. Unlike waiting for weeks for a loan, your business is funded and ready to move ahead.

Revenue and Track Record vs. Credit Score

A Jet Capital Merchant Cash Advance is also a alternative to a small business loans for clients who may have a less than perfect business credit score. Our assessment process is based upon revenue and a business’ track record, not just your credit history. This allows us to fund many businesses that banks may turn down for a traditional loan.

Long and short-term cash flow management means bills are being paid on time. For a business trying to build or improve their credit history, having a way to obtain funding quickly may be useful to stay on track. Jet Capital looks at the big picture to make our funding decisions, so even if you have been turned down for a loan or other financing, we may be able to help.

Our background as small business owners means that Jet Capital understands how challenging managing cash flow can be for businesses. Our goal is to help you keep those resolutions to balance the budget each month.

Jet Capital is here for your business with smart business funding. Our strategic business loan alternatives are fast and tailored to your business. Contact us today for more information about how a merchant cash advance could work for you.

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