4 Tips for Hiring Great Seasonal Workers

By: Kenneth Wardle | Chief Executive Officer

As your summer workers make their way back to school or other opportunities, it may feel like the holiday rush is in the distant future. The reality is that now is the time to start finding new staff to help handle the busiest time of the year. Get ahead of the curve and take action now to find great seasonal workers so your business can have the best holiday season ever.

Here are 4 tips for the best seasonal hiring.

1. Identify What You Need When Hiring Seasonal Workers

The first step to planning staff is always to check the volume of work and estimate how many people you need on your team. Take a look at your business volume from last year’s holiday season. Was last year’s staffing sufficient? Do you need to increase the size of your team?

Next, decide what work can be covered by a seasonal worker. Update your job description if necessary to match it as closely as possible to the job you need filled. See HERE for more information about writing great job descriptions.

If there are more skilled tasks that will pile up over the holiday rush, be sure to provide additional training to your permanent staff so they can handle the more complicated work. This will help keep your seasonal employees from becoming overwhelmed.

2. Ask Customers and Employees

Hiring experts at Monster.com recommend asking your own best customers if they are interested in seasonal work.1 The customers you see all the time who show love for your business might be just the people to help you through the busy season! Since these customers are familiar with your business, your products, and your culture they are already on your side and want to see you succeed.

Employees are always an important resource when building your team. Ask around to see if anyone has a friend or family member who would like to work over the holidays. Also, email your summer workers who might have gone back to school and last year’s holiday helpers to see if they would like to pick up a few shifts over the holidays. Previous seasonal employees might wish to return and they will already have the training to step right into the job.

3. Consider Retirees

As more baby boomers retire, a trend is emerging of retirees returning to part-time or flexible work. Workers who are not yet fully retirement age may have a limitation on how much they can earn before taking a hit on their Social Security.2 With this in mind, retirees might be especially open to seasonal employment.

Consider posting your job description on websites that list jobs targeted at retirees, including AARP, SeniorJobBank.com, or WorkForce50.com.

4. Know the Rules

There are always rules when hiring employees, even temporary workers. Seasonal workers will still need to have taxes withheld. You will also be responsible for withholdings for Social Security and Medicare. Some states may have special rules or limitations on who is classified as a seasonal employee. For seasonal workers, following the usual human resources protocol for your business can protect you from liability.

The Department of Labor Fact Sheet provides information to frequently asked questions and rules for hiring minors.3  

For more information on hiring rules check out our blog Independent Contractors vs. Employees: Finding the Best Fit for Your Small Business

The team at Jet Capital understands that seasonal hiring is an important part of your preparations for the busy holiday season. Call us at 866-538-3999 if you have any questions about how to handle cash flow during this busy time.

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